University of Arkansas LeRoy Pond Chiller Site Utilities

This project consisted of the installation of 11,300 linear feet of chilled water & heating water piping ranging in sizes from 16” down to 6” to allow connection to a future central utility plant that will eventually supply new and existing campus facilities for the University of Arkansas. 1,500 linear feet of chilled and heating water piping was installed inside an existing facility that had to remain in operation during piping installation before turning below grade. The below grade scope consisted of overseeing the mass excavation and self-performed installation of 9,800 linear feet of pre-insulated, true SCH.80, direct bury piping system with pressure testable joints. Excavation included the removal and replacement of all hardscapes/landscapes for street crossings, parking lots, grass areas and traffic control to allow normal operation of the University. The direct bury piping system include (4) cast in place vaults containing valved openings for future connections & (2) pre-cast tunnel sections containing valved opening for connection to the future central utility plant    

The direct bury piping system was a mandated, 100% X-Ray on all welded joints, and Mountain Mechanical installed the system with a 100% 1st time X-Ray passing rate.

This project was completed while keeping the University fully functional, as well as working through and around both football and basketball season.            

Owner:  University of Arkansas
Construction Manager: CDI Contractors LLC
Mechanical Engineer: Affiliated Engineers