University of Arkansas Central Energy Plant – Chiller #1 Replacement

The scope of this project extended beyond just the replacement of a 2,250 ton chiller. Mountain Mechanical was contracted as the Construction Manager to oversee all aspects of the job. This job consisted of the removal of an under-sized and outdated water-cooled chiller from the central plant through an opening created in the building, which would eventually be replaced with a properly sized roll up door for future extraction if required.  In addition to the outdated chiller, the associated wooden structured cooling tower was completely demolished to allow the construction of a new tower.  Installation of the new 2,250 ton chiller would prove to be a bit of a challenge as an existing elevated pipe utility bridge obstructed a normal crane swing path, so the 87,200 pound chiller had to be lifted up and over the utility bridge.  Providing power to the chiller was accomplished by a new 12,470v primary switch gear assembly.  In conjunction with the chiller, a new, on site, factory assembled 6,800gpm SPX Cooling Technologies cooling tower was provided complete with new concrete basin.  Finally, Mountain Mechanical designed a structural platform to allow the University of Arkansas easy access to the control panel of the chiller.

Owner:  University of Arkansas 
Construction Manager: Mountain Mechanical Contractors, Inc. 
Mechanical Engineer: BTME