University of Arkansas Altheimer Lab & Offices

Mountain Mechanical Chiller University of Arkansas 2

This project consisted of a single story, 20,000 square foot building that includes lab and office spaces, growth chamber, student work areas, conference rooms, breakrooms, work rooms and restrooms. The building utilizes two custom air handling units totaling 30,000 cfm serving 30 hot water reheat VAVs. Chilled water for the AHUs is generated by a 90 ton air cooled chiller and circulated throughout the system via two 165 gpm vertical inline pumps. Heating water for the AHUs & VAVS is generated by two 2000 mbh condensing boilers and circulated throughout the system via two 120gpm vertical inline pumps. Factory supplied water source heat pumps for the growth chamber are served by a closed-circuit fluid cooler and circulated throughout the system with a 66 gpm duplex skid mounted pumping system. Each lab uses dedicated exhaust systems that utilize Venturi exhaust terminals connected to tubular centrifugal inline fans.

Owner:  University of Arkansas 
Construction Manager: CDI Contractors
Mechanical Engineer: Bernhard TME