Springdale Municipal Building


This 122,481 square foot multi-story addition and renovation to the City of Springdale Municipal Building utilizes a rooftop DX cooling, natural gas heat with numerous VAV boxes for the new addition and a Variable Refrigerant Flow (VRF) system in the renovation. The rooftop VAV system consists of 6 roof top units moving 83,000 cubic feet per minute (cfm) of air serving 115 electric re-heat VAV boxes to space condition the Police Headquarters, Circuit Court and Council Chambers. The renovation to the Administrative Building utilizes a 54-ton variable refrigerant flow (VRF) system to achieve space conditioning.

Daily operation is supported with 177 plumbing fixtures which include

  • complete men’s and women’s shower/locker areas
  • public men’s and women’s restrooms on each floor
  • security plumbing fixtures for inmate areas

Owner: City of Springdale
Construction Manager: Milestone Construction
Mechanical Engineer: