Fairview Elementary School
Rogers, Arkansas

This 89,400 square foot elementary school for the Rogers Public School System utilizes roof top DX cooling and natural gas heat with multiple hot water re-heat VAV zones. The system consists of 3 VAV roof top units moving 50,500 cubic feet per minute of air serving 62 hot water reheat VAV boxes to condition classroom areas and staff offices.

The gymnasium, kitchen, media center and remaining common areas are all conditioned using 12 constant volume roof top units moving 46,250 cubic feet per minute of air to maintain comfort in the space. Heating water is generated by 3 – 850mbh boilers and pumped throughout the system using 2 – 140 gallon per minute end suction pumps.

There were 152 plumbing fixtures installed which include:

  • restrooms for each classroom
  • boys & girls’ restrooms in all common areas
  • staff restrooms in administrative areas
  • full-service kitchen

Owner: Fairview Elementary School
Construction Manager: Flintco
Mechanical Engineer: HSA Engineering Consultants